I remember when I was a child, the stone was an object to hold tight in the hand and to throw away, or sometimes a small hill to conquer. Today as then, the game continues, keep thinking and shaping this ancestral material, again, to create an idea and dream.

Massimo Russo Architetture

Massimo Russo is an architect who has dedicated several years of his works to digital experimentation and connections with the world of design and architecture. His research on new spatial organization systems is inspired by the biological evolution of nature. Recent studies about "algorithms of beauty" find application within the architectural and design project exploring new and innovative processes for complex forms and "systems". In 1995 he founded Massimo Russo Architecture, winning several international architectural competitions in France, practicing his profession with a design conception inspired by creativity and innovation, the result of research and constant experimentation with new conception languages. Since 2017 he is associated with the Daedalus Architecture studio, based in Montpellier (France), collaborating in the recovery of the French monumental heritage, with the creation of several works of contemporary architecture.