Spring 2017. In front of me I see the stunning stone mountain, motionless, stretched between earth and sky. I encounter endless morphologies of fissures, spikes, plaques, dihedrals, chimneys, hourglasses, mushrooms, ledges, terraces and suddenly, the thin granite blade on which my body is hanging in the void caught my attention. In its apparent simplicity, Nature reveals itself incredibly complex, full of secrets and mysteries, which it translates into efficient materials with incredible longevity.

Blumerandfriends is a research method that Riccardo Blumer started around 2005 thanks to the collaboration with the Spanish designer Adrian Freire and with the architect Matteo Borghi. Through a series of constructive experiments they began to understand the subjects, phenomena and materials are used. The main purpose is to create opportunities to deepen the knowledge of the phenomena of nature that they recreate, which they directly suggest to us.