As a designer, I have always considered stone not as an inactive material, but alive and reactive, a volume and surface to be modeled, engraved, texturized, through the search for new aesthetic values.

Exciting, fluid and functional: this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva's Architecture, Product and Interior Design. Thanks to his effort in material and technological research, the value of differentiation, contamination and innovation, and an intense project activity, Piva has become one of the most representative architect in the Italian panorama for creativity and design. A traveler even before being a designer, Marco Piva studies and creates solutions full with stylistic freedom. Architecture, interiors and objects are full of character and new symbolism, the use of matter and color contrasts every intellectualism and conceptual rigidity. Marco Piva studio is currently engaged in the construction of luxury hotels and prestigious residences in China, United States, India, Montecarlo, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Albania and Algeria, as well as in the design products for the most important companies in the sector.